Sunday, 23 July 2017

GarageBand For Chromebook Download 2017

GarageBand ForChromebook Download: Did you ever wonder that creating music on the go could be so easy, and you can create amazing sounds and beats right from your laptop screen. GarageBand is considered to be one of the best music creation software in the music market right now; it is free for Apple devices.
So you might have thought that creating music would be hard but to be frank you don’t need heavy priced real life instruments when you have GarageBand app itself. This music creation tool has more than dozens of music instruments out of which most of the popular ones are Drummers, Guitar, Bass, Piano and many more. You can add each instrument to different slot and join them at last to create booming sound.
Before we continue below I guess you should know that GarageBand being made by Apple has been made available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac devices only. So it cannot be used or downloaded on Chromebook OS laptops which might come to some as a surprise but don’t worry. It is so because we have something which is similar to GarageBand for Chromebook. I am talking about Soundtrap application which is an online music studio that makes use of Wi-Fi or Internet to create awesome music.
GarageBand For Chromebook Download 2017
Soundtrap is really a powerful plugin that helps users create wonderful music with the help of different virtual instrument that are quite easy to handle. But at the same time the music studio is filled with loops, music instruments and different features that make it extremely eloquent.

What Is Soundtrap About?

So before I take you on to the download steps and more, I guess it would be better to review Soundtrap a little bit. Well Soundtrap is officially released for Windows platform and for Chrome browser as a plugin and the download size is almost near to 3 MB for PC version. But more importantly it can create music online as it serves as an interface to load all different instruments which you like to play and record as well.
There are other GarageBand app alternatives but when it comes to Chromebook OS, there are not many apps released for it. So it is difficult to find music production apps for Chromebook, but Soundtrap is a plugin for Chrome web browser. So it is easy to use, and next thing is it is a complete collection of music studio with great instruments, sound and help guide as well.

How To Download GarageBand For Chromebook OS 2017 – Soundtrap For ChromeBook

I guess you already know that GarageBand app for Chromebook has not been released and to be frank it will never be released too. But don’t feel down because we have an amazing alternative to GarageBand which is none other than Soundtrap app. This is a chrome web browser plugin which has the same features as of GarageBand online. And it is free to download as well, so I will quickly guide you through the installation process below.
  •  First you have to open your Chromebook laptop and then open Chrome web browser
  • After that we have to go to Plugins and Extensions and search for “Soundtrap” plugin
  • Then select the plugin and click on the install button to continue
  • It will download first and then a popup will appear, click on “Accept” button
  • Then installation will continue and it will take few seconds to be installed!
In this way you will be able to download and install GarageBand online app for Chromebook, which is Soundtrap chrome plugin.


Soundtrap for Chromebook can be considered as one of the best GarageBand online alternative, and this plugin is for chrome which makes it easier to install and use as well. Though it is a chrome browser plugin, it features tons of virtual instruments and better interfaces to record, play and makes professional music on the go.